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Professor Ahmed is an internationally renowned expert in prostate cancer and prostate enlargement, at the forefront of diagnosing and treating men with effective minimally invasive therapies that have fewer side-effects.

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Professor Hashim Ahmed is an award-winning clinician and researcher having being recognised with prestigious awards from the British Medical Journal, Health Services Journal and the UK National Institute of Health Research. He has also been Visiting Professor at UCLA in California, Weill Cornell in New York City and Tokyo Medical School.

Driven by a strong desire to reduce the harms of tests and treatments that are used in medical care wherever possible, Professor Ahmed is involved in pioneering changes to clinical care through research and innovation as well as being at the forefront in delivering high quality clinical and surgical care. For an in-depth interview and spotlight section on Professor Ahmed by Prostate Cancer UK, see their following Spotlight on Professor Hash Ahmed.

Professor Ahmed has performed thousands of MRI guided image-fusion transperineal biopsies and over a thousand HIFU or cryotherapy treatments for prostate cancer. He is one of the highest volume cryotherapy HIFU surgeons internationally. He has led research showing the effectiveness of these techniques and continues to innovate. Follow the link, for an in-depth with Professor Ahmed conducting by Grand Rounds in Urology and Prostapedia on Focal Therapy for prostate cancer. He has taught dozens of international urologists in these procedures whilst also giving numerous invited lectures and being part of course faculty around the world in these areas. He offers minimally invasive therapies for the effective treatment of benign enlarged prostates causing urinary symptoms such as laser TURP and steam treatment.

Professor Ahmed has an active research portfolio in prostate disease and has published many of the key papers driving the change in the diagnostic and treatment pathway of prostate cancer.

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Current posts

Professor Ahmed’s Wikipedia page is also available to view for more biographical details.

Professor of Urology

Division of Surgery, Department of Surgery and Cancer, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London

Chair of Urology

Imperial Urology, Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust

Honorary Consultant Urological Surgeon

Imperial Urology, Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust

Chair, Prostate Clinical Expert Group, NHS England

NHS England

Chair, Prostate Research Group, NCRI


Chair, Imperial Surgical Trials Forum

Imperial College Trials Unit, Imperial College London

Research interests

Personal interests

  1. Chair of Urology, Imperial Urology, Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust
  2. Director, Imperial Prostate
  3. Chair, NCRI Prostate Research Group
  4. Chair, NHS England Prostate Clinical Expert Group
  5. European Urology, Editorial Board
  6. BJU Int., Consulting Editor in Imaging

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  1. FRCS (Urol) Royal College of Surgeons 2012
  2. PhD UCL (University College London) 2013
  3. BM, BCh Oxford University 2011
  4. MA(Hons) Oxford University 1998
  5. Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Trials London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 2012



  1. Focal therapy using HIFU or cryotherapy has similar outcomes to prostatectomy
  2. Prostagram for screening prostate cancer
  3. Focal cryotherapy in treating prostate cancer
  4. Image fusion targeted biopsy is highly accurate
  5. Focal HIFU therapy in treatment of prostate cancer: a UK Multicentre series
  6. PROMIS Trial of MRI for Prostate Cancer Detection
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  9. Ahmed HU, Arya M, Freeman A, Emberton M. Do low-grade and low-volume prostate cancers bear the hallmarks of malignancy? Lancet Oncol. 2012;13(11):e509-17