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Areas of Interest

Professor Ahmed is a leading international urologist specialising in the management of prostate diseases such as prostate enlargement and prostate cancer. His research has driven many innovations to benefit patients.

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This page gives an overview of Professor Ahmed’s practice. For individual areas of practice and interest please go to the links immediately below as well.

Prostate Cancer

Targeted transperineal prostate biopsy
Active surveillance for prostate cancer
HIFU for prostate cancer treatment
Cryotherapy for prostate cancer treatment

Prostate Enlargement

Steam therapy for prostate enlargement
Laser for prostate enlargement


Prostate Cancer Diagnosis using MRI and Targeted Biopsies and Minimally-Invasive Treatments

In the video below, Hashim Ahmed discusses the traditional prostate cancer pathway and how innovations he has driven have transformed this pathway to benefit men.

Hashim Ahmed is an expert in the techniques of,
* MRI image-fusion prostate biopsies and pioneered the use of local anaesthetic and sedation targeted transperineal biopsies
* HIFU treatment for minimally-invasive treatment of prostate cancer
* Cryotherapy for minimally-invasive treatment of prostate cancer

He has a significant interest in these techniques and carries out research to push the boundaries of clinical practice for men with prostate problems. He is an international trainer or proctor for these procedures.

In the two videos below, Hashim Ahmed explains in more detail about HIFU treatment of the prostate works for prostate cancer.

The following animations show how HIFU and cryotherapy can be used to treat prostate cancer.

Professor Ahmed’s research was covered by the BBC, SkyNews, ITN, The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail following a landmark study that he led in 2012. His work was also covered more recently by the Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, and the respected Medscape website due to the presenting of long follow-up results of focal HIFU in approximately 625 men by Professor Ahmed at key international urology conferences.


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Urinary Symptoms and Benign Enlargement of the Prostate

Professor Hashim Ahmed is also an expert in the treatment of benign enlargement of the prostate, or BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia). He offers minimally invasive therapies, such as Greenlight laser and the Steam Treatment, that effectively deal with urinary symptoms caused by prostate enlargement, but with fewer side-effects than the traditional TURP surgery. He continues to research improvements in treating men so that the impact on quality of life is reduced.


The following animations show how these treatments work.

Greenlight laser surgery for benign enlargement of the prostate has NICE approval and a number of media covered this news which should positively benefit thousands of men (BBC News, ITV News, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Express, The Huffington Post).

Professor Ahmed was the first specialist in London offering hundreds of men the opportunity to undergo steam treatment in the private and NHS sector. He was one of two surgeons in the UK to start this and has therefore built a very large practice in the technique. Experience, even with a minimally invasive procedure, matters a huge amount. The NICE approval of this ground-breaking minimally invasive procedure was covered by a number of media outlets with Professor discussing the approval in light of his own extensive experience in the technique.

ITV News
Daily Mail
Daily Telegraph
The Times
The Sun

Below are all the areas that Professor Ahmed has expertise in.

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If you wish to find out more about all aspects of prostate diagnosis and management, please see the Prostate Matters website.

Prostate Cancer

Investigation of abnormal PSA for prostate cancer;
MRI targeted transperineal image-fusion prostate biopsy;
HIFU treatment for prostate cancer;
Cryotherapy for prostate cancer.

Cancer Treatment

Focal therapy;
High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU);
Active Surveillance with prostate MRI;
Salvage treatment for recurrent prostate cancer after radiotherapy.

Urinary Symptoms

Urinary symptoms in men;
Laser therapy for enlarged prostates;
Steam treatment for enlarged prostates.

Research Interests

Prostate cancer screening;
State-of-the-art prostate MRI;
MRI targeted transperineal image-fusion prostate biopsy;
Focal HIFU and Focal Cryotherapy;
Treatments for enlarged prostate (or Benign Prostate Hyperplasia).