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  • 3 August 2017

    Rezum Steam Therapy for enlarged prostate

    BOOK ONLINE Professor Ahmed became the second centre in the UK and the only centre in London to offer this new minimally-invasive treatment called Rezum for men who have benign (non-cancerous) growth of the prostate in 2017. The procedure is … Continue reading

  • 2 June 2017

    PRX302 (topsalysin) clinical trial opens at Imperial College NHS Trust

    A clinical trial evaluating a promising new treatment for localised clinically significant prostate cancer has opened at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. Professor is the global Chief Investigator of this study running in sites across the UK and the USA … Continue reading

  • 2 April 2017

    Professor Ahmed starts focal HIFU and focal cryotherapy at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

    BOOK ONLINE Professor Ahmed has begun his world-renowned focal therapy programme with HIFU and cryotherapy at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. This means that patients in the NHS will have access to world-class minimally-invasive treatments and access to clinical studies … Continue reading

  • 25 February 2017

    PROMIS Study published in The Lancet

    The PROMIS was published in the top international medical journal, The Lancet. Professor Ahmed was lead author and co-Chief Investigator. The study was funded by the NIHR-HTA, run by the MRC CTU and sponsored by University College London. The PROMIS … Continue reading

  • 25 February 2017

    Hashim Ahmed appointed as Professor and Chair of Urology, Imperial College London

    BOOK ONLINE Hashim Ahmed has been appointed Professor and Chair of Urology at Imperial College London. He will continue his clinical and research programme in liquid biomarkers, imaging and minimally invasive therapies for prostate diseases as well methodological research that … Continue reading

  • 18 June 2016

    Hashim Ahmed presents PROMIS trial on MRI before Prostate Biopsy

    The large PROMIS trial led by Hashim Ahmed has shown that – a traditional transrectal biopsy is not very accurate in diagnosing significant prostate cancer – using an MRI before biopsy can allow men to safely avoid a biopsy if … Continue reading

  • 14 March 2016

    Prostate Cancer Treatment Has 97% Survival Rate, Study Suggests

    A prostate cancer treatment which is rarely offered on the NHS may give patients a 97% chance of survival after five years, a landmark study has suggested. The so-called “male lumpectomy” treatment works by treating just the prostate cancer tumour … Continue reading

  • 12 March 2016

    Keep your pecker up, Bill…new prostate cancer zapper won’t wreck your love life!

    A treatment that uses sound waves to blast away prostate tumours has been proven to cure as many men of the disease as surgery that removes the gland – while causing significantly fewer side effects. Until now the new procedure, … Continue reading

  • 22 April 2014

    Sonablate release animation of how their HIFU device works for focal therapy.

    A useful video animation of how the Sonablate 500 HIFU device works for focal therapy of prostate cancer. Continue reading

  • 7 February 2014

    GreenLight laser for enlarged prostate and urinary symptoms

    This video from AMS clearly illustrates the GreenLight laser therapy process. Continue reading

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