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Book Online or get in touch with us.

Professor Ahmed and his team are very happy to be contacted by email (, telephone on +44 (0)20 7099 6636, or through the enquiry form.

For verified reviews by patients, go to the Top Doctors link here.

You need to register as a new patient online if you wish to do so and for self-pay patients, payment must be made online or the appointment will be cancelled. For insured patients, please ensure you leave the appropriate details on the online form. If you do not have pre-authorisation from your insurer then you are likely to be liable to the self-pay rate for consultations and any investigations and procedures.

Please leave as much detail as possible so that we can contact you. Also, if you wish to leave details of your medical problem please give a brief summary. We would usually offer an appointment to see or speak to Professor Ahmed if you wanted to get specific medical advice. Unfortunately, we cannot enter into any detailed discussions about the medical problem by phone or email. Professor Ahmed looks forward to meeting you or speaking with you.