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25 February 2017

PROMIS Study published in The Lancet

The PROMIS was published in the top international medical journal, The Lancet. Professor Ahmed was lead author and co-Chief Investigator. The study was funded by the NIHR-HTA, run by the MRC CTU and sponsored by University College London.

The PROMIS study definitively showed that multi-parametric MRI before prostate biopsy was absolutely essential in reducing the number of men biopsied by 27% and almost doubling the chance of finding important life threatening prostate cancer. The full text is freely available.

The publication was covered by the BBCNews, BBC Radio 4 Today programme, ITV News, front page of The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mail on Sunday, The Daily Mirror, The Huffington Post, Yahoo News, The Japan Times, Hindustan Times, Medscape, NHS Choices, and Renal and Urology News.