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3 August 2017

Rezum Steam Therapy for enlarged prostate


Professor Ahmed became the second centre in the UK and the only centre in London to offer this new minimally-invasive treatment called Rezum for men who have benign (non-cancerous) growth of the prostate in 2017. The procedure is now approved in the NHS by NICE although only a few centres offer it in the NHS. Enlarged prostates can cause urine symptoms such as poor flow, frequency and getting up at night. The Rezum treatment takes 10-15 minutes under sedation or general anaesthetic and men go home within 2-3 hours. In studies in the USA it was effective and carried a very low risk of side-effects such as incontinence or erectile dysfunction and dry orgasm. Rezum treatment is available in the NHS and privately at the world-class Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Imperial Private Healthcare and BUPA Cromwell Hospital hospitals.

In results from Imperial jointly with Hampshire, presented at European Annual congress in March 2019 and due to be presented in the American annual meeting in Chicago in May 2019, the UK early results show no incontinence and no new erectile dysfunction with the vast majority of men (90-95%) having benefited from the treatment after a year. The procedure can also be used in many men who have a catheter and have been unable to pass their ‘trial without catheter’.

By 2019, Professor Ahmed’s Rezum practice is one of the largest in Europe and he has become one of the top two urologists in the UK for this technique.

See REZUM Website for more details or to make an appointment to see Professor Ahmed, please call, email or use the enquiry page.